The Asset Management and Maintenance Scheduler package is a complete asset lifecycle management platform, allowing for corrective and preventive work orders to be created, as well as maintenance schedules allowing for automatic work orders to be generated.



All work orders, whether they are created manually for corrective or automatically generated for preventative repairs/maintenance have the ability to track an assets complete service history.

Work orders contain the call details, service details including tasks, tools, parts and images, and completion details including start and finish date and time, total time, and technician signature.

Work order due dates allow supervisors to monitor and prioritise work orders, and due date alerts ensure all jobs are completed on time.

A fully customisable service report can also be printed for each work order allowing for reports to be provided to customers or for record keeping purposes.


Asset management is a crucial component of any management software. Full asset details can be added including descriptions and images.

Asset purchase details can also be added allowing for supplier details, price and warranty details. Work orders that are then generated on the asset will alert users if that asset is still under warranty.


Schedules can be created against an asset, that when ran, will create a work order with pre-populated details. Schedules can be set to run on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Add details to the created work orders like due date, estimated completion time, call notes, tasks, tools and permits.


Manage all of your suppliers details including a main contact person, email address and phone number, removing the need of searching or storing business cards and other details.


From the dashboard quickly view stats on current work orders, recently created work orders, upcoming schedules and system alert.


The calendar allows you to quickly see when unclosed work orders are due, or when they where due, and also view when schedules will run next.


Share messages with your team and ensure they are always up to date.


All of our apps are hosted locally on secure, and backed up data centres so they load quickly and reliably. We can even host them on your internal servers.


We don't just design your application and run. We are constantly checking in with you and ensuring everything is running smothly. In the backend we provide ongoing version updates.

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